An Efficient & Transparent Distributed Pool Revenue System

What is MaxiMine

MaxiMine is a highly efficient and transparent cloud-based pool mining platform. Users receive a portion of the MaxiMine pool rewards by staking the tokens that they own for hashing power.

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A Fair and Robust Network

The Hashing Power Credit System is similar to a Proof-of-Stake algorithm. Holders of MaxiMine Coin can stake tokens in the platform to gain proportionate rewards generated by the mining pool.

Multi-token Mining

Mining cryptocurrencies manually requires the miner to own rigs that mine specific coins only. For example, Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) developed for Bitcoin cannot be used to mine Ethereum. MaxiMine will allow its users to freely switch between different tokens and mining pools to allow them to maximize their profits and returns.

Mega Economies of Scale

MXM brings you entry into the unrivalled MXM Global Miners Alliance community. Leverage on the operational and management expertise of the leaders of the mining community who came together for the unified goal of being the biggest mining pool.

State of the Art Equipment

MaxiMine will be one of the first few to receive state of the art and early releases of advanced mining rigs such as the Bitmain ASIC for Ethereum (as seen on CNBC). MXM tokens provide the opportunity to be part of partnerships most outsiders can never attain.


In 2013, MaxiMine CTO, Mr. Hua Cai, started mining farms in Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and other areas of Northern China . Since then, his mining farms have been expanding steadily and is well on its way to achieving his vision of a global presence. With his business expertise and technical competence, Mr. Hua Cai aims to make the MaxiMine project a global venture, one that belongs to the world.

Our Team

Edward Du

Singaporean Senior Consultant and Entrepreneur

Having obtained MBA from INSEAD and Bachelor in Engineering from the National University of Singapore, Edward is a highly experienced management consultant and has been the Deputy Director of Tsinghua German Innovation Center since 2014. He previously worked as Director of TalentDash Pte. Ltd., ASEAN Strategy Leader for Dupont, Head of Asia for V-Tech GmbH, led campaigns for 2 major ICO projects provided consultancy service to many renowned fintech ventures. Edward speaks English, Chinese, German, French, Spanish and Latin. He has finished 15 full marathons since 1998 and is a professional inline hockey player.

Hua Cai

Senior Mining Technology Expert and Seasoned Miner

Hua Cai has 7 Years of experience in the financial industry and is one of the earliest investors and believers in Bitcoin. He was also one of the early partners of AntPool ( They made a significant contribution to the development of Bitcoin. AntPool employs a huge number of Aliyun servers and deploys many mining pool nodes which automatically allocates the network load to the nearest user for mining, to ensure the stability and minimal delay in mining. The introduction of the bitcoin mining pool has been expanding to provide miners with friendly interface, full functionality, convenience, transparency and wealth. At present, Hua Cai has established large-scale mining pools in Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and other areas, and still continues to expand with scale.

Leo Liu

Singapore Government IT Professional

Graduated from the National University of Singapore with a full scholarship, Leo is currently engaged in the development and applications of blockchain technology, providing strategic planning and technical support to ICO projects, and is one of the few technical talents in the field of blockchain in Singapore with over 10 years of relevant experience. His niche fields include audio analysis, machine learning, big data analytics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain. Leo has 2 patents used in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Quinn Li

Blockchain Marketing Expert

Quinn is one of the leading women in blockchain technology, focusing on the evaluation and release of ICO projects. She has a bachelor's degree in economics and mathematics awarded by Purdue University in Indiana, USA. Since then, she joined Ctrip and gained extensive practical experience in the internet industry. After entering the blockchain industry, she played an important role in several ICO projects, assisting in the smooth establishment of foundations and successfully financing projects.

Garrett Wan
Legal Advisor

Well-known Blockchain Lawyer in Singapore

Garrett graduated from National University of Singapore, with the Legal Professional Qualification Certificate, Member of Securities Association of China, Member of China Futures Association. Garrett worked as an international business manager in Fortune 500 companies and later became a full-time blockchain legal counsel, helping over dozens of companies set up their corporate structure and in finalizing their blockchain legal advice, including UseChain, Youlive, Showcoin etc.


Cheng Zhenyu

Chairman of the Board of Shosen Tian Ci (International)

Mr Cheng Zhenyu is presently the Chairman of the Board of Shosen Tian Ci (International), Chairman and President of Shosen Tian Ci (Beijing), Founder of Shosen Hua Cheng Incubator, Chairman of Shosen Wan Jing Xin Energy, Vice President of China Photovoltaic Agricultural Working Committee, Strategic Development Leader of the Photovoltaic Smart City 5.0, Master Planner of China “Super Partner” business platform. Mr Cheng has a highly regarded reputation as while he owns multiple businesses in multiple industries under the Shosen Tian Ci Group, he still makes it a duty to give to the community and society through efforts in environmental conservatism and philanthropic activities; in 2017 he set up Shosen Tian Ci Charitable Fund. Over the span of his illustrious career, he was awarded 2015 China Honest & Outstanding Entrepreneur, 2015 Leader of Green Initiatives Development in China, 2016 National Patriotic Technopreneur of China,appeared in《中国爱国国典》(China Patriotic Leaders Book), 2017 Red Love China Entreprenuer, 2017 Outstanding Branding Person of the Year.

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